Computer Science and Engineering

UG Programmes


2019 B.Tech Regulation


B.Tech Regulation


Modified Syllabus for I and II Semester BTech Degree

Basic Civil Mechanical
Basics of Electrical and Electronics
C Programming
Civil Mech Workshop
Differential Equation
Electrical And Electronics Workshop
Engg Graphics
Engg Mechanics
Engineering Chemistry
Engineering ChemistryLab
Engineering Physics A
Engineering Physics B
Engineering Physics Lab
Life Skills
Linear Algebra
Professional Communication


Modified Syllabus for III and IV Semester B.Tech Degree

Computer Science and Engineering


2015 B.Tech Regulation



Modified Syllabus for I and II Semester B.Tech Degree


Modified Syllabus for III and IV Semester B.Tech Degree

CS201 Discrete  computational structures 

CS202 Computer Organisation and Architecture 
CS205 Data structures  
CS208 Principles of data base design 
CS231 Data structures Lab 
CS203 Switching theory and logic  design 
CS204 Operating systems 
CS206 Object oriented design and programming 
CS207 Electronic Devices & Circuits 
CS232 FOSS Lab 
CS233 Electronics circuits lab 
CS234 Digital systems lab 
MA201 Linear Algebra  Complex Analysis
MA202 Probability Distributions, Transforms and Numerical Methods


Modified Syllabus for V and  VI Semester B.Tech Degree

CS301 Theory of computation 
CS302 Design and analysis and algorithms 
CS303 System software 
CS306 Computer networks 
CS307 Data communication 
CS308 Software engineering and project management 
CS309 Graph theory and combinatorics 
CS331 System software lab 
CS332 Microprocessor Lab 
CS334 Network programming lab 
CS361 Soft computing 
CS362 Computer vision 
CS363 Signals and systems 
CS364 Mobile computing 
CS365 Optimisation techniques 
CS366 Natural image processing 
CS367 Logic for computer science 
CS368 Web technologies 
CS369 Digital system design and testable design 
CS372 High performance computing 


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