Mechanical Engineering



To nurture the development of competent mechanical engineers with an emphasis on applying the concepts and principles in core engineering to real world contexts.


M1. To provide quality education in mechanical engineering along with a deep sense of professional ethics.
M2. To possess commitment and character for the betterment of the society.
M3. To encourage students and faculty to be life-long learners.
M4. To apply mechanical engineering skills and knowledge to make eco-friendly innovations on the latest trends.


PSO1: - Ability to solve complex engineering problems in design, manufacturing and thermal engineering to meet the needs of the industries and society.
PSO2: - Inculcate curiosity in interdisciplinary learning to develop innovative and entrepreneurship capacities.


PEO1: - Develop mechanical engineering professionals who are able to solve complex real world challenges, tackle social problems and business challenges.
PEO2: - Acquire higher education and emerge successfully as a professional having a broad range of skills.
PEO3: - Adopts ethics, have effective skills in communication and exhibit leadership and social responsibility.




  • To give the student a broad exposure to all vistas of Mechanical Engineering and mould them to be technically competitive in a globalised world.

  • To supplement theoretical knowledge with practical experience through design projects and provide opportunity to associate with faculty in research and live projects.

  • To evolve new technologies in the creation of a better world for posterity.

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