Science And Humanties


The Department of Science & Humanities consists of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Humanities disciplines. It comprises dedicated faculty and staff members with high academic excellence and experience. Managing and developing the department, to ensure that it achieves the highest possible standards of excellence, in all its activities, is  the  HOD, Ms.Padmapriya V.K.

Student Life after completion of school may be an ambiguous area, as it blends the joys of adolescence and the learnings of professionalism. The onus of moulding the students at this significant juncture is one of the major call of duty for the  Department of Science & Humanities.

Our Professors of Mathematics are on a quest for the ultimate meaning of mathematical relationships so as to provide  fascinating answers to intriguing questions, for the next generation.Mathematics has helped to chart out amazing progress in practical fields of engineering. The domain of Physics has active programs in areas ranging from theoretical physics to complex systems, condensed matter physics, atomic, molecular and optical physics, high-energy physics and quantum mechanics. It is evident that an understanding of these concepts sparks off their interest in their core engineering domains. The department has a dynamic community of Chemistry teachers creating and disseminating knowledge regarding chemical sciences. and this understanding helps the students to build and achieve the pinnacles of excellence in engineering. Humanities is the foundation of a liberal education that ignites a lifelong intellectual adventure in the students to pursue  free, open, and critical inquiry, improve communication skills and develop a positive attitude. It also fosters the importance of ethics and values in our students so as to equip them with the skills necessary to face the challenges of academic life and further in their professional domains.

The Department of Science & Humanities not only collaborates across disciplines but also with other Colleges and Universities. Together, our academicians, thoughtfully and imaginatively pursue challenges that transcend boundaries enabling themselves   and students to engage these challenges daily on a local, national, and international scale.


To facilitate the students to acquire and enhance knowledge and skill sets related to basic sciences, mathematics and humanities,  to become meritorious engineering professionals,  possessing a spirit of social commitment.



  • To provide the students with a strong foundation of the concepts in applied sciences.
  • To motivate students to learn and apply knowledge in a creative and constructive manner.

  • To develop the personality of students and assist them to embrace life management skills.

  • To instil in the students a sense of civic and social responsibility.






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