Civil Engineering


The Department of Civil Engineering is a part of this institution since its inception. The faculty members are well trained in academic and research activities and are drawn from prestigious educational institutions. In addition to four year programme leading to Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering with an intake of 60 students, the Department also offers two year Masters Degree programme in Geotechnical Engineering with an intake of 18 students.

Indian economy has been booming and the infrastructure sector has seen hectic activity. Consequently Super Structures and Engineering Marvels have come up in a short time. Hence the demand for Civil Engineers has escalated. The Civil Engineering dept. at IES does not spare any effort to create outstanding engineers with advanced techniques, employing professional teaching methodologies.

Students are not only made experts in technical aspects but also in the interpersonal skills, a vital ingredient for them to excel in a fast paced world today. The faculty of the Civil Engineering Department undertakes consultancy related to material testing. 

To develop technically competent and ethically responsible Civil Engineering professionals
having innovative and leadership quality to meet the challenges in the society.
1. To impart quality engineering education with an emphasis on technical knowledge and
practical skills.
2. To enhance career opportunities for students through industry-institute interactions and
value-added courses.
3. To inculcate professional ethics and make socially responsible engineers.
4. To encourage sustained lifelong learning by becoming innovators to satisfy the ever
changing needs of the society
Program Education Objectives (PEO)
1. Our graduates can contribute to the infrastructure development projects undertaken by
any organization.
2. They can pursue higher studies and take-up the teaching profession/ research and
development in Civil Engineering and its allied fields
3. They can function effectively in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams in various
capacities for sustainable development of the society.
Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)
1. Graduates shall demonstrate sound knowledge in the aspects of design, analysis and can
conduct investigations of Civil Engineering with an emphasis to geotechnical
2. Graduates will exhibit a broad understanding of environmental, societal, health and
structural issues in infrastructural development,
3. Graduates will be involved in life-long learning and pursue research in the areas of Civil


  • To produce Civil Engineers of Excellence by imparting training and insight into vital areas of Civil Engineering, facilitating the construction of cost effective structures and super structures.
  • To create responsible engineers with a human touch who work for morally upright, sustainable and eco-friendly development.

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