Civil Engineering



To impart knowledge and technical skills on basic Civil Engineering practices such as masonry, surveying, modeling etc.


The survey lab is well equipped with various surveying instruments including Total Station. This lab imparts training in surveying using Chain, Compass, Plane table, Level and Theodolite. The department is also undertaking consultancy works and training using Total Station.


The Laboratory is well equipped with various experimental setups for the testing of bitumen and aggregates used for construction works. This lab also provides various facilities that can be utilized for under graduates and PG students for their project works.


The lab is well equipped with facilities required for testing the quality of drinking water and waste water. The lab has made arrangements for conducting consultancy services in Environmental Engineering and analysis of both water and waste water.

Material Testing Laboratory

The Material Testing lab is well established with equipments for testing the properties of different materials like steel, timber, brick, tile etc. Mechanical properties of metals like hardness, toughness, torsional rigidity etc. are the tests conducted in the lab, to list a few. Consultancy works are undertaken to find out the mechanical properties of different materials apart from regular lab services.

CAD Laboratory

The CAD lab is a central facility of the department where all the under graduate students, and faculty members can work with the latest softwares to carry out their academic and research work. The CAD Laboratory has thirty two computers with the latest configurations.

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

The Laboratory is well equipped with various experimental setups for the testing of soils. The lab is utilized for various experiments and project activities of under graduates and M.Tech students. The lab has different types of equipment apart from the curriculum and is utilized by students for various projects.

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