Electrical & Electronics Engineering


To study the performance of Electrical motors, Generators and Transformers. ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS LAB Used for teaching Calibration of various electrical measuring instruments and measurement of different physical parameters using transducers. POWER ELECTRONICS LAB To familiarize the various Electrical Power Devices & Motor Control Circuits . ADVANCED ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LAB To provide familiarisation with control system concepts using hardware and simulation experiments. DIGITAL ELECTRONICS LAB To assemble and testing of digital circuits using digital, microprocessor and micro controller kits. SIMULATION LAB To impliment advance simulation projects using MATLAB tool box, Mi Power and ORCAD. BASIC ELECTRICAL ENGG. LAB To verify the basic laws of Electrical Engineering. ANALOG ELECTRONICS LAB To study the characteristics of various electronics components. ELECTRICAL WORKSHOP To familiarize the Electrical wiring systems also soldering practise and PCB fabrication techniques.

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